Rodolfo Padilla grew up living his art at his father’s ceramic studio. In 1981 he won a scholarship to study ceramic design and materials in Japan and then went on to continue his studies in Argentina and Italy. Rodo Padilla has presented his work at a number of expositions in Japan, Europe, South America, Mexico and the United States. He is an accomplished ceramicist and sculptor.
Currently Padilla divides his daily work time to several studios where he sculpts.
Around 2010 he became acquainted with Juan Prado.

Prado Ceramics became a unique stoneware success story of the synergistic blending of stoneware designs from Rodo Padilla and Juan Prado. Prado, renown restaurateur of the very popular La Terraza de la Abuela, explored stoneware production possibilities for his restaurants with Rodo Padilla. While Padilla sought more time for creating fine art sculptures in his studios, Juan Prado expanded his expertise in high temperature fired ceramics and eventually took over the stoneware production. The happy result of their relationship was the continuation of the ever popular Mug Tree and Accessories line by Padilla and the fabulous square tableware designs and bold new glazes from Prado.

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Stoneware is a very durable material. Stoneware will last for years while keeping its original beauty. Each piece is fired twice at a high temperature and finished by hand. Minor imperfections are therefore a common characteristic of hand-finished stoneware products. Strict quality control has been established to ensure you the highest quality possible at the best price. There are many factors that determine variations in colors that result from high-fired glazed stoneware, many of which are a challenge to control. Therefore, each piece is unique and there are often variations in color. Only lead-free glazes are used and the product is tested to ensure that there are no traces of either lead or cadmium.