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Könitz was founded in 1909 as a porcelain factory with four circular kilns. At the end of the Second World War Könitz Porcelain was considered one of the leading medium-sized companies. The occupation by the Soviets in 1948 induced the company take over by the Soviet A. G. Ceramic Factory Hermsdorf which only produced technical porcelain. In 1951, because of the discontinuation of reparation payments, the company became public property, but remained a part of the Hermsdorf factories. Three years later, in 1954, the factory began producing household porcelain yet again under its own direction. 100 years – 2009 Könitz celebrated its 100th anniversary. Following the historical development of Könitz Porcelain, it appears that the company had to accept several defeats. Only the unremitting ambition of its employees to always give more than 100 % and their courage to defy convention, was the reason for the survival of Könitz Porcelain. Today they make some of the industries most loved products and a mixture of beauty and quality is in each and every item.